Moving Beyond Email

A Product Campaign Made with Mailchimp

Marketing Smarts

Mailchimp built a successful brand with their easy-to-use email marketing tools. While the power and versatility of their services have grown substantially, they are still perceived as “that email company.”

To shift this perception, we partnered with their marketing team to create and produce a brand campaign centered around their all-in-one smart marketing platform. Driven by UI storytelling, the digital campaign worked double duty by building brand awareness and demonstrating how their new features work.

The campaign played out through a series of sequential short-format pre-roll, social videos, and display media developed over the course of six weeks.


After creating over 100 unique video and social assets, Mailchimp experienced a measurable and significant increase in usage of their All-in-One Marketing Platform since the campaign first launched in Q1 2020.

The reception has been so positive that we’re currently engaged in year three of their Smart Platform campaign, producing ongoing content to support newly releasing features.