Animating Technical Products with a Human Touch

An Education Campaign Made with Indeed

Turning existing elements into a unique style

As many employers were feeling the effects of The Great Resignation, Indeed was revamping its advertising products to help companies find their next hires—and videos were needed to explain how these updated tools worked. Indeed had robust brand guidelines to build from—our job was to find a novel way to apply these guidelines and put the new product features in motion.

That sense of humanity

UI-focused product education materials are often technical and dry. But Indeed is a people-forward company so it became critical to infuse the videos with a relatable sense of humanity. Curiously, data was showing that enterprise customers react negatively to full-character animation—so our challenge was to indicate real people without actually animating them.

Bringing it all together with color and motion

Leaning into a richer color palette made these videos more fitting for an enterprise audience, and introducing subtle textures reinforced a feeling of human touch. That same human touch was brought to life in animation as well—creating a motion language that was engaging without being too playful.