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A Product Campaign Made with Google

With a little help from Google

Starting in 2018, we began partnering with the team at Google to develop a product-driven brand campaign that could demonstrate Google’s everyday helpfulness through product UI storytelling.

Engineered as a high-volume short-format video campaign, our challenge was to create a scalable messaging, design, and motion system that looked and felt like Google while supporting an infinite range of content types and media formats within ultra-efficient production realities. The intent was to produce dozens of unique creative ads across an ambitious list of product features, each customized to specific audience content types.

Created initially to highlight the continuously new and more powerful features of the Google Search App, the work proved so successful at driving both awareness and usage that it has now been adapted to include additional products including Maps, Photos, Shopping, Lens, and more.

The campaign and construct have been so successful that we are still making them four years later.