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Being a joy to work with

We want Hook to be the place where you’ll do your best work—where you’re comfortable taking risks, supported by an inclusive team, and free to disconnect as life suggests. We believe in fairness, creating access to opportunity, the advantage of diversity, sharing profits, and taking vacations.

We offer professional growth stipends, mentorship programs, full health and wellbeing coverage, parental leave, flexible time off, sabbatical, discretionary bonuses, retirement matching, communications reimbursement, remote working, and more. We want to be everyone’s favorite agency, and that includes you.

Check out our open roles, learn more about how we hire and see tips to stay clear of recruitment scammers below.

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Compensation Philosophy

All of our policies and structures around compensation start with a conversation around equity — that is to say, a mandate for fairness and its critical dependence on transparency. In our creative industry, where success can be a subjective matter, we believe that having an open and objective system of benchmarks is the only way to begin talking about what’s fair.

Our compensation system is designed as a 10-level advancement framework that’s applied consistently across disciplines and departments. Salary ranges are then adjusted by location — We organize the US into four tiers based on regional cost-of-living data.

  • Tier 1 Markets dictate all base salaries. Example cities include Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Baltimore, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh.
  • Tier 2 Markets earn 10% over base salaries. Example cities include Austin, Denver, Chicago, Miami, and Portland.
  • Tier 3 Markets earn 20% over base salaires. Example cities include Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Washington D.C.
  • Tier 4 Markets earn 30% over base salaries. New York and San Francisco are currently the only Tier 4 Markets.
Tier 1 Markets
Ann Arbor, etc.
Tier 2 Markets
Chicago, etc.
Tier 3 Markets
Los Angeles, etc.
Tier 4 Markets
L2: Junior$50,000 - $55,000$55,000 - $61,000$60,000 - $66,000$65,000 - $72,000
L3: Mid I$55,000 - $67,000$61,000 - $74,000$66,000 - $80,000$72,000 - $87,000
L4: Mid II$67,000 - $80,000$74,000 - $88,000$80,000 - $96,000$87,000 - $104,000
L5: Senior I$80,000 - $93,000$88,000 - $102,000$96,000 - $112,000$104,000 - $121,000
L6: Senior II$93,000 - $106,000$102,000 - $117,000$112,000 - $127,000$121,000 - $138,000
L7: Assoc. Director$106,000 - $131,000$117,000 - $144,000$127,000 - $157,000$138,000 - $170,000
L8: Director$131,000 - $181,000$144,000 - $199,000$157,000 - $217,000$170,000 - $235,000
L9: Exec. Director$181,000 - $233,000$199,000 - $256,000$217,000 - $280,000$235,000 - $303,000
L10: Chief$233,000 - $350,000$256,000 - $385,000$280,000 - $420,000$303,000 - $455,000

Leveling Framework

Our agency-wide leveling framework encourages cross-departmental consistency in titles and compensation. For each of our ten levels, it openly describes the guidelines and expectations around: an individual’s craft expertise and capabilities, their ability to lead and impact others, and the scale/complexity of challenges they are able to solve individually.

The ambition is to ensure that everyone feels in control of their own advancement — always aware of how to set goals and what kinds of skills the agency values. We don’t believe promotions should be time-gated behind arbitrary “years-of-experience” or that job-hopping should be the only way to get a substantial raise.

Director vs. Principal

We know that not everyone wants to manage others — but at many companies, the eventual reward for being exceptional at your craft can only be… Advancement to management.

For these craft-focused individuals, we offer the Principal career track. Starting at Level 6, artists and engineers may exchange the Director-level responsibilities of people and account management for those around deeper and more specialized skill development. They become industry skill experts, working as thought-leaders within the agency and local communities — all the while remaining close to the work, relied on to solve the most complex executional challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the recruiter who reached out is legit?

If you got a message from a recruiter claiming to work at Hook and aren’t sure if it’s the real deal, do a quick check that their email address matches our official company domain @byhook.com. We’ll never ask you for things like IDs or banking information until after you have started with us and typically only extend an offer after you’ve met virtually over Google Meet with a few people from the team. See more tips from our Associate People Ops Director here and if you’re still in doubt, you can always reach out to us directly at careers@byhook.com.

Can I work remotely?

Yes! The way we all work is evolving and we want to meet people where they are. To that end, we have adopted a "remote first" work mentality—which means your work experience should be equitable whether you elect to be in one of our workspaces or your own.

Do you offer profit sharing?

Heck yes. Hook is only as successful as the people behind it, so all full-time staff receive discretionary annual profit-sharing when Hook’s profit margin meets target goals.

How much time off do you offer?

We know that life happens outside of work. Our PTO policies are designed to accommodate all kinds of lifestyles, yours included.

Standard paid time off is accrued and tiered based on tenure:

  • 15 days (years <3)
  • 20 days (years 3-8)
  • 25 days (years 8+)

In addition to paid time off (and standard agency holidays), everyone receives one additional "flex" holiday for use in personal events and celebrations.

And on top of that, you can take 7 annual paid sick days. We call it "sick time," but it’s meant for avoiding illness. Take care of loved ones, take care of yourself.

What about parental leave?

We offer paid parental leave following the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child after 6 months of continuous employment.

  • Primary Caregivers are eligible for up to 12 weeks of leave at base pay.
  • Secondary Caregivers are eligible for up to 8 weeks of leave at base pay.

Primary caregivers are offered an additional 12 weeks of unpaid leave.

What do your benefits look like?

100% employee coverage for health, vision, and dental insurance through either a traditional PPO or optional Health Savings Account.

401K matching up to 3% of your eligible compensation.

Up to $1000 annual Growth & Wellbeing stipend to be spent on anything that makes you smarter, healthier, and/or happier.

Do you have any open internships?

Not at the moment, but stay tuned. Openings are coming soon.

Do you sponsor work visas?

We do! While not every role is eligible for visa sponsorship, we're open to the process and consider opportunities on a case-by-case basis.