The people
who make things

Who We Are

We've already rolled up our sleeves

Founded first as a digital production company, we know that great work requires more than just a good idea. Great work is crafted through iteration—through rapid changes driven by differing perspectives.

And so Hook is a company organized around the idea that small, diverse, and versatile teams create better work, because they iterate more quickly and more often.

Our teams of 20 are formed from an interdisciplinary mix of artists, creatives, engineers, and producers. Individuals from different levels and disciplines working together and investing equally in both the “thinking” and “making” of effective campaigns, content, and experiences.

100+ people,
100+ perspectives

Half of us have tattoos, a quarter are parents, thirteen were top of their class in high school.

Thirty of us speak more than one language, seventeen were the first in our family to graduate college. In the past, we’ve been cooks, farmers, camp counselors, mechanics, waiters, and cashiers. Some of us did internships in advertising, some of us worked at Olive Garden.

Most of us can play a musical instrument. Ten have declared “history” as their best trivia category. One of us insists that making dolphin clicky noises with their mouth counts as a hidden talent.

All of us are working to build a company where everyone can belong.

We're working to be
your favorite agency

Work quality is critical and its success is entwined with our own. Yet, in our experience, what’s most important are the people who do the work and the experience they have along the way.

We want our clients to think of us as the most trusted agency they’ve ever worked with. We want people in the industry excited to join us. And we want everyone who ever works here to feel this is the best job they’ve had yet.

This is what we work toward. This is the vision we use to guide our goals, process, and culture.