BRB. We’re OOO.

Ideas by Nahtyka Jolly, Marketing Manager

We're going off the grid for some collective time off

There's something magical that happens when a team takes a break together—it's the secret ingredient that amplifies the impact of time off. We know this feeling well, which is why we’ve added a one-week Summer Break to our lineup of OOO days for 2023.

Taking collective time off is no easy feat—with 100+ employees and countless projects underway, it’s not something we take lightly. After all, we genuinely love what we do! However, after our 30-day Ctrl-Alt-Retreat in 2021, and our Winter Break in 2022, we know firsthand the benefits of communal time away from the office—everyone returns with a renewed sense of creativity and ingenuity, and we’re even more excited to tackle some of our client’s biggest challenges. It’s not a feeling we’re ready to let go of just yet.

That’s why, beginning next Monday, we’ll spend the full week away from our creative duties to enjoy time away to recharge. While we encourage everyone to spend their time off however they like, our goal is that the collective sense of freedom will allow us all to truly let go of work-related worries and embrace the joy of living in the moment. There’s no need to check your email when everyone is away from their email at the same time.

Our Summer Break serves as a reminder that while we love what we do creatively, embracing a healthy life/work balance is equally important. We appreciate our clients who understand the importance of taking time off, and their flexibility in working with us to make it happen.

Cheers to an unplugged week filled with rest and relaxation 🏖️