Adweek — Our Agency Took a Month Off. Yours Can, Too.

Press feat. Michael Watts, Co-founder & CEO

Hook's Ctrl-Alt-Retreat in Adweek, Campaign, and more

At the end of 2021, our entire company took a 30-day break to disconnect and recharge. We called it a Ctrl-Alt-Retreat, and when we made the announcement that we were going to be off the clock for four weeks of uninterrupted personal time, people wanted to know more.

So our CEO, Michael Watts, gave Adweek and CampaignUS the scoop on why we did it, how we pulled it off, and what we learned in the process.

For Michael's step-by-step guide breaking down how our fellow agencies can take a much-deserved break, check out the full story in Adweek here.

To learn more about why our leadership team made the decision to give the entire agency one month off—no strings attached, check out the full story in CampaignUS here. And if you're curious what 30 days off taught our executive design director about the creative process, read Mikell Fine Iles thoughts in Muse by Clio here.