Putting a Lens on The New York Times

An AR Experience Made with Google

Demonstrating Google Lens

Google Lens allows users to learn more about the world around them through AR technology. With the goal to drive awareness and positive sentiment of the app among a tech-savvy and worldly audience, we helped Google and The New York Times Magazine create an interactive reading experience that uses Google Lens to ignite talkable moments.

Making every cover (and several ads) within the magazine Lens-enabled throughout the year meant readers could use Google Lens to learn more about the content they cared for. And as 2020 unfolded and social justice movements supporting Black and LGBTQ+ rights gained prominence in the US, we repurposed the campaign as an opportunity to show support for these movements in a meaningful way, all while introducing Google Lens to the New York Times readership.

To highlight these emerging movements, we created “living surface” ads that brought to life the stories and history of individuals who helped win rights for the discriminated and marginalized.