Hook Recognized for DE&I Work in Inaugural Anthem Awards

Honors by Sara Moshier, Business Development Director

A new benchmark for impactful work

Doing work that matters is something that drives each and every one of us at Hook. And today we are especially proud of our team and partners for being named a silver award winner in the inaugural Anthem Awards, an initiative from the Webby Awards to champion purpose and mission-driven work.

With Google and The New York Times, our Search What You See campaign leveraged AR to celebrate marginalized groups from U.S. history and is recognized in the Community Engagement: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion category.

Amplifying the most impactful, important, and inspiring work

By amplifying the voices that spark global change, the Anthem Awards are defining a new benchmark for impactful work that inspires others to take action in their communities.

We're honored they chose to recognize this campaign and help us and our partners support Black and LGBTQ+ rights. You can read more about the Google Lens-enabled ads here, and follow along with the Anthem Awards here.