Engineering Portraits
of Courage

An AR Experience Made with Google

Putting a lens on change

One out of every three women experiences some form of gender-based violence worldwide. It’s an alarming statistic. That’s why, every year, Vital Voices Global Partnership puts on an event where extraordinary women working for change around the globe take center stage.

The event draws thousands of attendees with guest speakers including activists, celebrities and politicians. Hundreds of portraits are created to celebrate these women and invest in their daring visions for positive, lasting change in their communities.

Partnering with Vital Voices

To bring these portraits to life, we partnered with Google Lens and Vital Voices, creating a series of five Lens-enabled images which tell the moving stories of how these incredible women are fighting for change. Each Lens-enabled image is unlocked by scanning one of the portraits which reveals a woman’s story through her own words combined with animation. At the end of every Lens experience, viewers have the option to contribute to and learn more about each woman’s organization.

The exhibition traveled the world, including a gala event in D.C. that was attended by Hillary Clinton, Sally Field and many more. It was also on display at Diane von Furstenberg and Vital Voices Mentoring Walk held in New York on International Women's Day. Event Attendees demoed multiple portraits, experienced the stories, and wrote hundreds of postcards to their friends and family. These stories helped spread the mission of these women's causes and were seen by thousands across the globe.

Amplifying voices

At the end of the lens experience, we created a website for the Google Arts & Culture Vital Voices collection where viewers could learn more about the stories of the women behind these interactive portraits.