The Best Things
for Everything

An Experiential Website Made with Google

Enhancing Behavior

Awareness approaches 100% for many of Google’s products, but not for Google Shopping, yet. So the Shopping team at Google set out to develop a campaign that could improve unaided awareness and intent while driving an increase in usage.

Building upon Google’s own research, we understood that most consumers already rely on Google to do their shopping—pursuing searches like “best headphones for running” or “best pillow for neck pain.”

To increase awareness and usage, we developed a campaign that enhanced this existing behavior—engaging audiences with an interactive site that elevated their expectations of what Shopping on Google could mean. Featuring the internet’s top 1,000 rated products, the site acted as a guide to the "Best Things for Everything," making it easy to browse the internet and find inspiration for your next purchase.

The Site

The site was designed to express a playful and elevated digital shopping experience—built with WebGL, the intent was to reimagine the retail browsing experience through infinitely-scrolling and easily-sorted product collections. These collections were fed by the Google Shopping platform, requiring dynamic updates of product pricing, reviews, and details.

The Campaign

To promote the site and drive traffic, we engineered a broad campaign across social channels, paid media, and PR. Themed gift packages were developed and sent to key influencers who were engaged for sponsored instagram posts. We designed and animated a series of pre-roll ads for both paid and owned channels. And finally, we worked closely with Google's internal PR team to support features on The Today Show, NBC, and Mashable.