Find That Thing

An Awareness Campaign Made with Google

Evolving a campaign for new audiences

In 2022, Google launched the “Find That Thing” campaign. Focused on Gen Z in the US, it was a departure from classic Google marketing in an effort to drive Google app downloads.

In 2023, we were asked to take learnings from the original campaign and evolve it for Canadian audiences to drive more daily active usage.

Throughout the year, we produced several live-action shoots in Toronto and leveraged global assets to deliver over 150 ads, consisting of 15s videos, 6s videos, gifs, and display banners across a variety of social media platforms.

Beyond Shopping

The original 2022 campaign focused on Gen Z, and only showcased the shopping feature within the app. This gave us the chance to advance the look, feel, and style of the campaign.

Targeting the general population of Canada, Hook created scenarios showcasing the full range of Google app features: Multisearch, Translate, Shopping, Discover, ID, Hum to Search, and AR.

Be a local. Wherever you are.

To make sure the ads we made for Canadians were relevant, we utilized audience research to hone in on insights that felt genuine. Our production company and director were both Toronto locals, and by filming in Canada, we guaranteed that each video would look familiar to our target audience.

To address the dual languages, we cast French Canadian talent, to ensure we had natural regional diction.

We also optimized our production to deliver a wide variety of assets that would feel native to different social platforms. Beyond cutdowns, we developed unique approaches for TikTok and Snapchat compared to YouTube and Facebook.

Our partners at Google gave us the freedom to improve upon the 2022 campaign, which led to relatable and memorable ads, resulting in wider Google app usage all across Canada.