Cutting the Quarantine

A Social Campaign Made with Locks of Love

Since March of 2020, life has looked far from regular. And with little to no access to barbers or stylists throughout the pandemic, one of the things that looked most different about us was the length of our hair. This unexpected side effect of the pandemic put many people in a position to do something good for someone else.

So before those hair salons started to open up, we partnered with Locks of Love to seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a difference for children in need. Together we created Cut the Quarantine, a call to donate the extra inches of hair grown during the pandemic to help return a sense of self, confidence, and normalcy to children suffering from hair loss.

First, we created a short and fun cel animation to explain the logistics of participating. It was all centered around our hero, Sam, who was growing out their hair during quarantine. The animation style was simple, approachable, and reminiscent of an overdue haircut, almost as if it was created using excess hair.

Share your hair

The video was shared out on Locks of Love’s social properties and was also accompanied by an informational and equally playful website. The site centers around Sam and features unique animations activated by scrolling through the content.

Through both Locks of Love and the site, folks were encouraged to share their stories and photos with the #CutTheQuarantine hashtag. The response was overwhelmingly positive and it was clear that love was in the hair as we saw picture after picture of donated locks pop up in the site’s feed.

You can learn more about Cut the Quarantine and take part in this effort at

For more about Locks of Love and their mission to return a sense of self, confidence and normalcy to children suffering from hair, visit

Learn more about our partnership with Locks of Love here.