In Good Company with Locks of Love

Initiatives by Alex Gross, Business Director

Our In Good Company series highlights the incredible organizations we are proud to help make a difference. Hear more about what drives their mission, the impact they’re making and how we’re lending a hand as we introduce some of our favorite partners and friends.

Not everything at Hook starts with a brief from the client. From time to time, we also challenge ourselves to generate internally-driven initiatives with the goal of tapping into our respective talents to see what we, as artists, can create. For inspiration, we often lean into cultural truths to help create change and make an impact.

This was the impetus for our partnership with Locks of Love.

As we reflected on the peculiarities of quarantine life, we realized the stay-at-home orders presented a rare opportunity. When folks were ready to start venturing back out into the world and were in need of a trim, we wondered: what are they going to do with those pandemic-induced coats? Why not share those extra inches with children in need and really make a difference?

In looking at potential partners to help bring the idea to life, we thought there would be no one better than Locks of Love, a revered group who have long been ubiquitous with helping children who are experiencing medical hair loss. With recipients in all 50 states and Canada, Locks of Love provides custom-made hair prosthetics to children up to the age of 21 who have suffered hair loss as a result of medical conditions such as alopecia, burn trauma, and cancer treatment.

We wanted to help further their cause so we dialed them up to see if they’d be interested and fortunately for us, they were 100% on board. When we shared the idea with Madonna Coffman, President of Locks of Love, she responded with enthusiasm, embracing the idea to give donors the power to turn the pandemic into positivity by sending their COVID cuts to Locks of Love.

A productive partnership

Working hand in hand, we set off together to create an animated video and website that would further Locks of Love's mission to provide custom cranial prosthesis to children with medical hair loss.

Working with the Locks of Love team on this campaign was an important reminder that some good can come from those months upon months of isolation. The past couple years have been extremely challenging for a lot of people. To be able to pull something positive out of it all, and make a difference in a fun way was really special for us.

To see more of the work, you can check our case study here.

To learn more about Cut the Quarantine and take part in this effort, visit

For more about Locks of Love and their mission to return a sense of self, confidence and normalcy to children suffering from hair, visit