SXSW 2024: Is There a Future for LGBTQ+ Marketing?

Ideas feat Paul LaFleur, Design Director

LGBTQ+ marketing is much more than one-off campaigns during Pride Month. It's about tapping into the real experiences, emotions, and stories that define the LGBTQ+ community, and portraying authentic narratives that foster trust and loyalty between brands and the LGBTQ+ audience all year long.

This year, we’re proposing a new panel for the 2024 South by Southwest conference: Is There a Future for LGBTQ+ Marketing? Hook’s Design Director Paul LaFleur will join industry experts Graham Nolan, Co-Chair for Do the WeRQ, Victoria Anderson, SVP, Strategy for 160over90, and Colin Daniels, Digital Editor/Host for Adweek, for an insightful conversation on redefining the future of LGBTQ+ marketing. Attendees will walk away with practical ways that brands can better stand with the community as real allies.

The decisions we make in our marketing and advertising today will have a lasting impact—for both brands and consumers. Community voting for the panel opens on August 8th and closes on August 20th. A quick thumbs up shows your support for holding brands accountable and gives us the space to share this message with the larger South by audience. Together, we can create a more representative marketing landscape.

Learn more about the session and cast your vote here.