Free to Be Queer All Year

Ideas feat. Paul LaFleur, Design Director

Cultivating compassion for LGBTQIA+ employees year-round

There's a lot of focus on supporting LGBTQIA+ employees during the month of June, but as our Design Director, Paul LaFleur, writes in his latest editorial for Advertising Week, we need words and actions, all year long.

As an openly gay man, he shares his experience—both in supportive and unsupportive work environments—and discusses the importance of bringing your true self to work. From his perspective, giving your employees the permission to live openly is the #1 way the c-suite can show support for their LGBTQIA+ teams.

His advice: Tell them in no uncertain terms that you see their diversity as a positive, that you believe their thoughts and feelings are valid and that their personal experiences are welcomed.

To learn more about his experience, and hear his advice for helping employees to feel welcomed, included and open, read the full article in Advertising Week here.