Hook’s Creative Learning Hubs

Initiatives by Nahtyka Jolly, Marketing Manager

Learning with Hook

At Hook, we believe that collaboration fuels innovation and we’re always exploring new ways to foster community and hone our creative skills—so we launched a series of internal clubs, syndicates, sprints, and workshops where employees have over 15 opportunities a month to level up their skills, even as a remote-first agency.

From creative workshops to design modules, “how-to’s” to in-depth walk-throughs, our peer-led in-house growth initiatives empower people from every department—designers, writers, producers, animators and engineers—to share their talents, learn new skills, and nurture their curiosity.

Illo Club
Illo Club encourages personal and professional growth in all things illustration. Long-time artists and entry-level hobbyists can level up their sketching, lettering, and portraiture skills with creative drawing projects that are not only fun but helpful for anyone (at any level).

3D Club
For employees interested in strengthening their skills with tools like Blender and Cinema 4D, the 3D Club is the perfect place. The club is a combination of forums and projects where those interested in learning more about the 3D realm and looking to uplevel their skills can learn from other employees also interested in the future of 3D software.

Display Syndicate
Our Display Syndicate is an opportunity for creatives to gain more insights into creating better display ads. The group meets regularly to discuss tricks and techniques, chat about new software, and find ways to be more efficient in their creative process.

Web Syndicate
Looking to design and build better websites? Our Web Syndicate provides an open forum for analyzing the best websites on the internet and prototyping what’s next.

Education Sprints
In addition to clubs, we're constantly exploring new avenues to nurture our creative knowledge. In 2022, we launched a series of themed, peer-led workshops that exposed our teams to new skill sets and offered insight into others’ helpful processes. Our latest workshop series, “Developing a Concept,” covered everything from techniques for presenting concepts to clients to using “What if?” questioning to think outside the box. Having themed education sprints gives us the chance to dive deep into topics and explore them in a digestible format with practical, real-world examples.

Good Neighbors
On the more social side of get-togethers, Good Neighbors is Hook’s creative event planning committee. The group plans several all-company virtual events a year, as well as in-person district events. Some fan favorites include our Craft & Brews workshops, trivia, a Quizzards’s Quest Game Show contest, and an end-of-year Extravaganza.

League of Logophiles
For employees looking to scale their growing TBR piles, the League of Logophiles is our internal book club that’s designed to build community through literature. New titles are announced regularly, the club meets monthly, and all genres are welcome.

JEDI Working Group
The JEDI Working Group is a collective of Hook employees providing cultural guidance and creating DE&I initiatives that proactively promote systemic equity across Hook. Their efforts include themed monthly newsletters, quarterly charitable donations, a diverse speaker series, and “Ask a JEDI” internal project reviews.

Open to everyone regardless of department or level, our learning hubs are not just spaces to gather—they are communities that encourage personal growth and provide exciting opportunities to connect with colleagues and learn from each other. Through these experiences, our people are educating our people, and nurturing new creative awareness and appreciation at the same time.

Interested in joining the team? Check out our Careers Page for open positions.