Adweek — Hook’s Education Sprints

Press feat Mikell Fine Iles, Executive Design Director

At Hook, we’re always looking for ways to continue growing our skill sets and creative know-how through our in-house experts—our peers. As covered in Adweek, we launched an internal initiative called “Education Sprints” in 2022 that exposed our teams to new ways of thinking and tackling creative challenges.

Hook’s internal learning initiative

The Education Sprints are themed, peer-led workshops that introduce our teams to new ways of solving creative problems. “The curriculum was designed to loosely follow the lifespan of a project, from briefing to delivery,” shared Mikell Fine Iles, Hook’s Executive Design Director and one of the leads behind the initiative. During the weekly courses, one to two teachers provide detailed insights into a specific topic based on the Sprint’s theme, breaking it down into easily digestible and practical formats. The workshops that follow feature lecturers from different teams at Hook, exploring real tools, processes, or client projects to provide real-world context and perspective for participants.

The topics are determined based on common interests that come up during 1:1 discussions with managers, individual goal setting, team meetings, and organizational growth areas.

Mikell Fine Iles, Executive Design Director

Course instructors are carefully selected to lead the workshops based on their extensive experience and advanced skill level in the chosen area. Additionally, Hook makes a concerted effort to showcase a wide range of diverse voices and talent among the instructors throughout the series, ensuring a diverse mix of creative teams are represented, as well as ethnic and gender identities and geographies.

Pushing the creative needle forward

The Education Sprints initiative has been highly beneficial for Hook’s creatives. The first workshop, Research and References, introduced our teams to different ways of interpreting client briefs, conducting preliminary research, and presenting early findings. The most recent topic, Developing a Concept, included insights on how to frame a creative concept from start to finish.

When I joined Hook, it was obvious right away that this program is actually a priority, not just a notion. I’ve connected with people I may have never met and discovered a generosity of knowledge and experience extending well beyond each session—opening doors and leaving them open.

Amber Magee, Associate Design Director

The initiative has helped reveal hidden skills and expertise among colleagues, leading to more significant collaboration and connections within the company. Additionally, participating in the program provides opportunities to practice public speaking in a safe and supportive environment, which is valuable for client reviews and personal development.

To learn more about Hook’s Education Sprint series and to find ways to implement the concept at your own agency, read Mikell’s full Q&A with Adweek here.