Fall ’23 Sandbox U Applications Now Open

Initiatives by Nahtyka Jolly, Marketing Manager

Making space for new voices

It’s not lost on us that agency culture has historically lacked diverse talent, and underrepresented communities face many entry barriers to creative careers. To help close the diversity gap and make creative professions more accessible, we launched our Sandbox and Sandbox U mentorship programs to grant the next generation of creatives the resources needed to help propel their creative careers forward.

Today we’re proud to announce that we’re currently accepting applications for our Fall ’23 Sandbox U cohort.

What is Sandbox U?

Sandbox U is our virtual mentorship program for entry-level creatives that provides exposure to creative professions through mentorship and hands-on experience. Applicants will be paired with a Hook mentor based on their creative interests, and for 10 weeks, will meet with their mentors virtually to help prepare them for their creative careers—whether the preparation is craft-related, portfolio-centric, or general job interview help. Together, mentors and mentees will decide on the time, frequency, and meeting platform that works best, and will collaborate on creating goals and deliverables that meet the mentee’s creative aspirations for the program.

In previous sessions, Sandbox has helped mentees gain great exposure and opportunities within the creative field—just last month one of our mentees shared that the job they got while in the program led to a feature on the famed design site, The Dieline. We’re proud of the efforts our mentors put into this program to make sure our mentees feel confident in themselves, their portfolios, and their ability to succeed in this field, regardless of their backgrounds.

Who can apply?

Our Sandbox U mentorship program is open to all candidates who are close to launching their creative career, whether that’s through the completion of a traditional degree/certificate program, or through self-taught study. You do not need a resume, portfolio, or prior creative experience to apply. To keep this progress accessible and inclusive, there is no application fee.

Anything else?

Program participants are required to have access to a computer equipped with a video camera, internet connectivity, and availability to meet over 10 weeks, starting in September.

Sandbox was created to help us address the societal challenges that exist in our own industry backyards. We’re committed to helping nurture the next generation of creatives, and we’re doing our part to provide resources to help make creative careers more accessible. For all interested in applying, view the application here. Applications close September 2.