Making Google Photos Picture Perfect

A Photoshoot & Website Made with Google

Creating a Google Photos asset library

Exhausted by stock photography, the team at Google Photos approached us about creating a new library of brand images to support current and future marketing efforts. Sharing their frustration with the shortcomings of stock catalogs, we set out to design a photoshoot that prioritized diversity and authenticity. Through an intentional casting and inclusive review process, we were able to capture more thoughtful, more appealing, and more effective images.

We captured over 2000 photos, split between product shots and authentic moments of humanity through a diverse lens of experiences.

Capturing genuine moments on camera

To avoid the stock-photo vibes of a typical marketing photoshoot, we didn’t cast actors — we cast a real family. By having three generations working together, we were able to record more genuine interactions. We photographed scenes familiar to that family; like cooking at home, the first day of school, and game night.

The photoshoot took place over four days in a variety of locations, ensuring that we were able to portray a diverse range of Google Photos users, as well as balanced shots of over thirty products to be used across Google Photos marketing.

In the end, we created over 2000 images that now serve as the core asset library for all of Google Photos marketing; from websites and emails to social content and more.

Designing the Google Photos website

In addition to the brand photoshoot, we led the redesign of the Google Photos marketing landing page. With a product so heavily connected to capturing memories, we developed a narrative-driven format that uses the story arc of a child’s birthday party to navigate users through various product features and benefits.

We refreshed the Google Photos product pages with a new design, new animations, and... new photos!

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