Launching Project Relate

A website to share people's stories Made with Google

Let's talk about talking

Google’s app, Project Relate, utilizes machine learning to help individuals with non-standard speech communicate. For the app’s beta launch, we created a website to drive awareness and adoption. Through the use of WebGL, we showed the scale and scope of non-standard speech. The site took into consideration performance, screen reading, color contrast, and other accessibility factors.

Giving a voice to each user

We conducted dozens of interviews with Project Relate users to learn about their experiences with non-standard speech. Then we used their stories to demonstrate the impact that Project Relate has on communication.

Advanced accessibility

From the beginning, we knew that this site had to have a higher degree of accessibility features than standard sites.

We also wanted to make sure that the site was easy to navigate, especially for our core audience: speech pathologists, medical experts, and family members.

The launch of Project Relate was celebrated by a variety of communities, and it earned write-ups in Forbes, CNET, and various other publications, as well as awards from multiple design competitions.

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