Digiday — Making the Case for Salary Transparency

Press feat. Alison Davis, COO

Salary transparency and pay equity have always been hot topics in the job market and a priority here at Hook. In an article recently published on Digiday's WorkLife, our Chief Operating Officer, Alison Davis was asked about Hook’s bold and progressive approach of publishing its salary bands to its website. Here's what she had to say:

“Providing clear, transparent role expectations and salary bands is not only the best way to arm our entire organization with an equitable approach to growth, but a means to empower our people as well.
We believe these pay bands serve as a management tool to provide structure to both help guide managers about growth and compensation and ensure they’re compensating their direct reports equitably.”

After a five year journey striving to achieve greater parity and transparency, Hook hopes that this move inspires other organizations to follow suit. For those considering, numerous experts weigh in with the benefits (and shortfalls) of striving for pay transparency across all industries. Read their take here.

Via Worklife: More companies are publishing salary bands – is this the future, or risky?