The Drum — Embracing Neurodiversity in Advertising

Press feat. Michelle Gonzales, Sr. People Operations Manager

We're dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace where everyone can be their true selves, and we recognize that a blanket approach to inclusivity doesn't accommodate all members of our team, including those who are neurodivergent.

As our Sr. People Operations Manager Michelle Gonzales notes, some of the world’s best and brightest creatives are neurodivergent. And as a creative agency, we want to not only attract such talent, but keep them—and keep them happy. That’s why we’re trying to do things differently.

Michelle recently joined The Drum and other industry leaders to share Hook’s approach to building an inclusive workplace:

College degrees are a nice-to-have, not a need here, and we don't require in-office days or core working hours. If there's something our people need— from a tech standpoint to closed captioning, standing desk to specialized software—we make it so.

Michelle Gonzales, Sr. People Operations Manager

To learn more about how Hook and other companies are adapting their workplaces and workflows to be more inclusive, read the full article here.