In Case You Haven’t Noticed

Initiatives by Mark Fain, Principal Motion Designer & Alex Gross, Business Director

Our House Is Still on Fire

With her appearance at the 2019 World Economic Forum, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg forced world leaders and others to look at the hard truth that “climate change” is, in fact, a very real and present crisis.

Her "House is on Fire" speech led to strikes across the globe and hit home here at Hook. But as she reminded us a year later, little had changed. So on the anniversary of that speech, our team of creatives rallied around Greta’s call for action. We set out to amplify her impassioned plea, bringing her words to life for the world once more with a two-minute animated film.

Reenergizing Greta’s message

Set to a score composed by Julia Piker, the film is a collaboration amongst designers and animators across Hook, with animation styles flowing from one artist’s interpretation into the next. It is both a tribute to this moment in the history of climate activism and a further call to action—a reminder of how this started and how far we still have to go.

A call to action

We created this film as an outlet for our frustration, but we know we must do more. And we must force our leaders to do more. So when Fridays for Future called supporters to strike, we too were invigorated to take our passion and voices outside of the office and into the streets, joining the growing movements to demand change. Today, it’s on all of us to finally act like we’re in a crisis—because the house is still on fire.

All photos by Rob Liggins, senior copywriter at Hook.

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