Mikell Speaks Up on the Pay it Fwd Pod

Ideas feat. Mikell Fine Iles, Executive Design Director

Our Executive Design Director Mikell Fine Iles shares his story—and his advice for young Black designers looking to make their mark—in episode 20 of Pay it Fwd, a podcast about the journeys of Black people in the communications industry.

In the hour-long chat with podcast host Jay Goodwin, Mikell talks about his career—from the community rallies that inspired his interest in design to the importance of mentorship. He also shares the advice he would give his younger self, and anyone else joining the industry:

  • Speak up
  • Establish your own voice
  • Know your worth
  • Go where you’re appreciated

As Goodwin said, "Without seeing, hearing and working with people who look like you in the advertising/PR/marketing industry, it remains as isolating as it was before. Pay it Fwd exists to remind us all that we belong and we're not alone."

Check it out wherever you podcast.